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11/8 ; 35 "Dear Tyler"

Dear Tyler,

I really like you, but I'm scared. I'm scared that at some point, you will become overwhelmed with my frequent attacks and issues. You've shown me no reason to be scared, but I am. The past will always be a complicated and complex issue. Good and bad lie in the past, but when the bad out rules the good, it is difficult to identify and remember the good. "Ugh." I like that onomatopoeia; It's the sound of a sigh. I feel like sighing right now. I don't know how to pin point my emotions at this second...but I know trying is healthy and good for me; so here is my shot. Right now I feel uncomfortable, paranoid, tired, and conflicted. Conflicted because I also feel cared for, understood, and appreciated. It's tiring having what feels like two sides of me fight for a fronting emotion.

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