I smile

Glancing at the pictures of you all in a neat line

drenched in red but thats fine

As i know them like the back of my hand

Cuz over time

I fell inlove



And i stand with the bodies of your once loved guests

As they lie there dead

I wonder if its all in my head

"Are you really mine to keep?"

I think as i hear a weep

Then turn around to sweep 

Them away and off to sleep

The final victim.

In my hands,

The gun that did all my commands

And took away my competition

So i could have this lovely submission

All to myself.

And yea i admit i need some help

But no one will ever yelp

Loud enough for it to be dealt

With in time.

And after all

Youll always

Be mine.

               -Zelda Love

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