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Ara’s Life Update #2


The last weeks been pretty boring all things considered. Not much has really happened. I hung out with my friends and stuff.

One thing exciting though is I WAS REUNITED WITH MY CAT!!! After moving houses, my moms roomate was allergic to cats so we couldn’t have Opal there. My mom let her friend Brittany take the cat, but I haven’t been able to see her :(. Brittany is moving so now my moms boyfriend has Opal and when I went over there I got to see her for the first time in 4 months!! I called her name and she ran over and hopped in my arms, it was like some dorky movie. She cuddled with me all night, I love my Opal <3.

I also got to see my aunt, so that was cool. We drove like 2 hours to see her and my uncle made me some really tasty shrimp.

That’s like all that happened this week lol

-Love ya, Ara

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