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11/8 ; 34 "Dear Tyler"

Dear Tyler,
I don't feel good. I feel paranoid. I'm unsure if I've opened up to you about the case brought against my family. We talked this morning about how your neighbor is one of the teachers at the school, along with being the guy who taught me algebra during summer school. It brought me a memory back I had suppressed, and now I have a lingering fog of paranoia around me. During summer school, CPS came up to the school. They had pulled me out and had asked me questions about my dad. It's sad because they didn't do anything nor never do, but I still had hope. It was in the past, but it's bothering me today, and I don't know why. I know it can't hurt me, and it's no longer an active case---but he's worse than before. maybe that is what is triggering it. I'm going to do my classwork now, but I can't shake this feeling and it's making my stomach drop. I don't feel okay.

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