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Azumanga Fighter - Part 1 Getting the thing to run

I saw on youtube a 3 year old clip of someone playing a fighting game as osaka and sakaki from the hit series azumanga daioh find out it's an old doujin fighter... Searches only led to a twitter post linking to a megaupload and a reddit post linking to the internet archive. nothing on mizuumi wiki T-T

Downloaded the azumanga fighter files off the internet archive, , main directory has 5 exe files... none titled azfight work.

INFO.txt is empty. README_CONFIG_ORIGINAL is illegible, probably bc it's meant for older japanese computers.

README_REALLY this has english instructions... Follow that frfr also shoutout Jade Midori

After opening CONFIG.EXE the all lowercase azfight.exe ended up running perfectly fine.

Goingg to read through the html files in GUIDE folders then write down sistem mechanics as best I can

Main Menu :

- ?Arcade Game?

- One person (vs cpu)

- Two person

- ?Training?


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