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hello! anyways i haven't been on here in like MONTHS, anyway so im back not sure how long I will be back but it may be for like 2 seconds but it might be for like a while, not sure yet. so im just chilling i guess but im watching rick and morty. I was going to watch it like weeks ago because I just like to watch it casually but I didn't anyway incase you aren't caught up.. Justin Roiland is getting charged with a domestic violence case so watching rick and morty now is just WOW. Anyways I'm just sitting here and I dont exactly know what to do again, but that's not the point. I fucked up the text for like 2 mins but its not like you could tell either way. So yeah that's all im doing and as far as catching up.. im not really sure tbh not much has happened in like 8 months. BYE!! 

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