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What is an old (like late 2000z or early 2010z) creppy youtube video that still scarez you?

Here are mine:

blank room soup.avi 

There is nothing

Creepy fake Macdonald’z adz

These scared the hell out of me when I waz younger and still dose

Add your own!

Luca☆ - username666

Parker Oilar - lolituma onion smash (leekspin gone wrong)

Herobrine - JayJay!!<3

Just really interested in digital horror rn (analog iz kool but different and a little repetitive, digital feelz a little more fresh)

Please go watch raymoundo’z vid about it, it’z great :D

I’ll remove namez if wanted btw!

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Mimi :3

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Who's hungry? And Max and Ruby 0004.

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n0t an 0ld v1d30 and n0t 'scary', but d3f1n3t3ly uns3ttl1ng...
"1 sp3nt a day with h0me 1nvas10n surv1v0rs" by AnthonyPadilla

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I don’t watch his videos but that seems very sad

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