so i got stoned and watched skinamarink,,,


just man. 

ill admit i can be a bit pretentious in my opinions of recent movies. i do wholeheartedly believe that films (especially horror) have downgraded since the 70s/80s/90s/maybe early 2000s, so i went in not really expecting a lot. im a big fan of analog horror and liminal space and atmosphere but most of the "analog horror" ive seen is way overdone and simply,,, not interesting. so i was naturally curious what would be done with it in movie form, especially something with almost 2 hours of content. perhaps skeptical would be a better word. it helped that i got recommended this film by a friend who i deeply respect for their taste in movies, not long after finding out about its existence. 

after putting it off for a few weeks (not on purpose haha i promise) me and said friend made a plan to watch it over a discord call (i know,,,) while we were both high, cause why not? definitely the kinda movie that can be improved with a little spice. XD

and then we spent the next 100 minutes watching someones fever dream caught on camera. with how little story there was the constant freeze frame of a low quality hallway it shouldve been boring, but it wasnt. not only that, it was insanely eerie. im not someone that gets scared easily, the only time i was ever scared by a movie was when i watched poltergeist when i was about 8-9 years old @_@. but this movie genuinely creeped me out, which was extremely impressive for what the movie was. a low budget analog film about two children waking up to all the doors and windows in their house gone.

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