Name A Movie... #4

1. With a surprise twist at the end: Zentropa

2. You watch for comfort: I don’t have one

3. You wish was your actual life: Richie Rich, I guess?

4. With a one-word title: Go

5. Your favorite film sequel: Terminator 2

6. With the best scenery/visuals: House of Flying Daggers

7. That’s horror:  Alien

8. That’s the oldest you've seen: I’ve seen older, but Metropolis (1927) is the one that I remember the title of.

9. Based on a game:  Super Mario Bros.

10. You think is underrated: Terminator Salvation. I’m not saying it was great, but I enjoyed it and seem to be in the minority for that

11. That starts with the letter A:  Animal House

12. That you want to see soon: John Wick 3, assuming I haven’t already watched it. It’s leaving HBO soon, so I have a bit of a clock. 

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