this semester is gonna be the WORST

damn, I was so so so so excited, too. 

First, I find out i'm gonna be all alone every day for lunch. I'm probably not gonna eat lunch at all, because I'm too paranoid to go get it by myself. Every time I do, I get a swarm of threats or insults. It's not very rad.

Second of all, every class I DO have totally sucks! Assigned seating keeps putting me next to lowly, subhuman GARBAGE. Call me stuck up all you want, but if I get sat next to another brunette "Emma" that gives me that pretentious little bitch smile, I'll rip her vocal chords out and tie them in a knot.

Oh, and don't get me STARTED on my teacher. I'm actually in her class right now. I don't care if she can see this, in fact, I WANT her to see this! I think she's a BITCH. She always treats me like shit. I stated my name, and she refuses to call me by it. She's one of the ONLY teachers who STILL does that. I mean, shouldn't a PSYCHOLOGY TEACHER know how that affects people? Maybe it's just cuz she KNOWS she's a bitch. That's probably why she put me in a spot facing an open window, which she probably KNOWS I'm uncomfortable with. This is the 4th time! She also ALWAYS puts me next to the exact type of people I want to relentlessly HACK to death. She's always making condescending remarks at me, too. Like, shut up. Just because your an old hag-sack, self-centered BITCH doesn't mean I'm less of a person.

Sorry, if it isn't obvious, I'm PISSED OFF. Not just that, but I'm very sad now too. I was very excited for a final semester I can look forward to. But now, all I wanna do is sink into the floor. I would say "look at the bright side", but there isn't one! Maybe, the fact that I have "stress management" as my next class is a good thing. 

I've been cycling through being as serene as a lily pad on a lake, to feeling the same stress as a tortured soul from the innermost circle of hell. What a crazy life it can be at times... I would say I hate it, but I have my reservations. 

Also, to stick it to the family-council of fate, I AM smart. Just because I'm not a brainwashed corporate SLAVE doesn't mean I'm gonna fail. Suck my wiggly nuts, you pretentious piece of driftwood!

Feels good to let off some steam. Ok I'm done now.


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update: now i'm sat close to the most notoriously disgusting kid ever, and I ALREADY got called the r slur by someone in this next class. this SUCKS. AND as I speak, some girl came in with a painfully loud drink.

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