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Memories of my father #1 and #7 (two quick ones)

Memories of my father #1

Looking for his tools: "Where the hell is my hammer? You kids took my hammer and left it in the woods! I'm gonna buy 50 goddamn hammers and put them in every fucking room of the house so I can always find one!"

Side note: half of the time he was right .... one of us didn't return the tool. Half of the time he was the one who used it and left it somewhere.

Memories of my father #7

On having a job when you're young: One day, my father and I were talking about the kind of jobs you have when you're a teenager or a young person. He told me about how after came home the Korean war he was a trolley driver for a day.

"For a day??? What happened?"

"I crashed the trolley."


"I was distracted."

"Dad ... on your FIRST DAY? Wouldn't you pay close attention on your first day? Why would you be distracted?"

"If you had seen that girl's behind ... You'd have crashed the trolley too!"

I never took a job as a trolley driver.

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