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Sciamellis' Sketchbook!! ,,>w<,,

'*•.¸♡I finally have some time to draw!'♡¸.•*'

Lil promo drawing for my t-shirt collab

I been thru some stresfull stuff lately and I'm very happy I get to draw for myself again, as well as that I'm planning on participating in Art Fight this year, I even got some chibi vertions of my Oc's done so I can make them like, small ref sheets until I get more inspo to draw them full on again =>w<=.

my girlies!!!

Here's to making the most of this year!!


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Omggg these are so sweet looking!!
Love the alien(?) character in the middle a lot and the cute one in the left corner :3

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=>w<= thank youu!, the alien is a repurposed irksona, her name is Nizz ^w^.

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