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daily life #8

/ 23 January 2023 /

    ok so i didn't follow up last night cause i was sooo sleepy and i had class @ 8am.

anyway, back from classes and about to do homework ! ;[ and study i guess.

    i had tapa, rice, and kimchi for breakfast (woke up at 6:40am, left at 7:30am). i've

been eating kimchi with whatever meat-rice combination i've been having cause i like


    umm i added the galaga stamp yesterday cause i've been playing galaga (initially the

'88 one a few weeks back at those pseudo-arcade machines that have other games) but

our campus has the original(?) galaga from '81, and it's harder than the first one sooo i

kind of suck. but i needa overtake the highscore (105,900) before i leave so i'm gonna try

to practice on my computer on an emulator hehe -- my highest so far was around 40,000

and for reference, my galaga '88 score peak was like 140,000 sooo big diff since i haven't

even adjusted well enough to reach the second dimension =3=


6:57 PM:
    i bought in-n-out for dinner: two double-doubles with onions (one of which i'll eat for

either breakfast or lunch/dinner tmr hehe), totaling to $11.50. i recall it being $0.04 or

$0.16 cheaper before winter break... i like the evenness of the number though, so i guess

that's all right for now. i didn't eat lunch since i usually eat at like 11am then at 6-7pm or

so, but since i had class today and i ate at 7am, i felt hungry at about 3pm but i played

valorant w/ friends soooo i was able to hold out until about 5pm.

    i just finished eating and i'm downloading dark souls 3 rn. i'm feeling a sort of craving

for it after elden ring almost a year ago now? i'll try to watch the new last of us episode

today as well if i find time for it :).


i wonder how i can make this easier to read...

that is all


pew pew *_*

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