my spirit animal :3

My spirit animal is a Koala Princess, which is a merge of a koala and Mipha, the princess of Zora in the legend of Zelda breath of the wild video game. The koala and I share many traits physically and through our way of living. A koala has a large round head and a prominent nose. Koalas sleep up to twenty hours a day, which, like me, requires a lot of sleep. I sleep up to sixteen hours or more if I'm not required to wake up for work that day. I am also very quiet and do not speak if it is not needed, like Princess Mipha. Princess Mipha is kind, and shy, and reciprocates attitudes with whom she's facing which I certainly do as well. A mixture of Mipha and a Koala would surely represent me. Ultimately, I am assuredly the Koala Princess because I am a very kind and shy person who requires a lot of sleep. Koalas are calm and patient and also pay close attention to detail. Princess Mipha is very gentle, especially to the ones close to her. Sleepy, kind, and very shy, the Koala Princess portrays me perfectly.

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