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Maybe Block, If You Want

That guy. A new chum, goes by the name of paul, lower case p. His profile is basically an advert for a credit card, aimed at supporters of our last president.

Bad enough trying to scam people here, where I hang with my friends. That's a big no-no.

But to also target a specific group, one with lower-than-average intelligence, that's so low. They have it hard enough, trying to face reality. The cognitive dissonance must be awful.


I know there's a lot of "Block This Guy For This Reason" stuff being posted in bulletins, I thought it would be better here since it's my personal opinion that you're choosing to read.

I've already blocked him and reported him for political advertising.  :P

If you feel like it, why not? :D

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Hidora Antares ⛎

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Well said, on ALL counts.

I despise our former "president", I'll never forgive that one. He's the reason why my great aunt died of Covid in a nursing home, when she still had so many years ahead of her....

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If there's one good thing he did, it's really exposing the kind of things power hungry people can stoop to for their own benefit. XP

by Jon 🐇; ; Report

No kidding, I agree with you on that completely.

by Hidora Antares ⛎; ; Report