Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022)

Santa animatronic is a faulty ex-military robot and goes on a murder spree. (As usual, spoilers ahead)

So the movie wasn't like, completely terrible. The two main characters were okay, they just were very obnoxious at times. The dialogue of the film was fun, a lot of very natural conversations and in-depth music rants that were entertaining to see them get worked up over. Also the visuals were usually pretty cool, since they really went hard with all them neat neon lights and whatnot. A majority of the cast dies super fucking quick though, so we basically have our final girl, Tori, solidified probably just over halfway through the film. (Which was a shame, I did miss the banter she had with totally not Kurtis Conner).

If you hate cops this is the film for you because GOD they're so horrible. The deputy or whatever keeps fucking yelling and victim blaming Tori for the death of the first cop that was sent to investigate the murders being like "HE HAD A FUCKING FAMILY YOU KNOW!!!" all the while knowing that this poor girl just had her best friend/lover AND her sister AND her brother-in-law all murdered brutally right in front of her in quick succession. 

The final showdown between Tori and the Santa animatronic was cool at first, but they just REALLY overdid it with the whole "haha she finally killed him... oh waIT NO HE'S GETTING BACK UP!!1!" Probably did this around 5 times, so by the end you kinda just wish Tori died just so there'd an actual victor and the movie can end. Overall though, film was pretty mid. Another 5.5/10.

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