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zurvey becuz i <3 zurveyz

1. How scene r u, idiot? (Beginner, Casual scene kid, was there in the 2000s, so into the subculture that u haven't gone outside in years pLEASE GO OUTSIDE- O_O) Ya, that's right, I'm bullying u >_>

zo embarrazzn but begner cuz my dad dosnt ~influence~ meh anymr 

2. Do you have/want coontails? Or is that too mainstream 4 u... Hipster >_> 

YEZZZZ I <3 COONTAILZ i dont care dat deir mainztream 

3. Speaking of dyed hair, r u the type of scene kid 2 dye ur hair partially blonde or black or r u the type 2 dye it an unnatural color? :3... U LOSER Ò_Ó

i hav ~naturally~ brown hair dat i dyed black a few timez but now im w8ing 4 it to wazh out zo i can dye it red or bleach it and giv myzelf red or pink tipz

4. Alright, I'm tired of bullying u T_T Ya, that's right, ur SUCH a loser that I got TIRED OF- Eh- Ok, ya I'm done now- XD Anywaaaays O.o What stereotypical cutesy pop culture character do u like? XD Hello KittyGloomy BearPikachuDomo-kunGirNyan Cat? Or some1 else maybe that I totally 4got? XD

WAT I DONT LIKE ANY OF DEM!!! (hello kitty, gloomy bear, gir, nd miku)

5. Since we're going entirely off of stereotypes XD Do u like Invader Zim? O.o I know I dooooo XD If so, who's ur favorite character? AND DON'T SAY GIR >:[ Or do, who am I 2 stop u? Ur mom? XD

yez and itz toooooooootalyyyyyyyyyy not gir watttttttttt???????? /zar

6. TIME 2 SETTLE THIS ONE AND 4 ALL- Kandi, silly bands, or one-inch rubber wristbands? 

HEY DONT MAKE MEH CHOOZ but since i hav 2 den kandi

7. How many studded belts do u have? Y'know, if u have any at all XD I know they're hard 2 come across nowadays >3> I had 2 get mine offa EBAY- E B A Y -

2 nd i i got dem on amazon lolz

8. Where do u shop? Since Hot Topic sucks now and the back of Spencer's is enough 2 bring down a nation to their knees begging 4 mercy, other scene kids could use some cool stores 2 check out! Drop em here~ 7w7

lisn rozz, target nd clairz hav sum gud ztuff suntimez but amazon haz litrly evrytng  

9. Time 4 SUSTENANCE- O.o Monster Energy, Mountain Dew, or Peace Tea? I love how there's such a world of difference between the first two options and the last XD Like MONSTER ENERGY, MOUNTAIN DEW, AND 𝓅𝑒𝒶𝒸𝑒 𝓉𝑒𝒶


10. SPEAKING of worlds of differences, what scene subset even R U??? Like, is ur playlist full of BrokeNCYDE, BOTDF, and The Millionares or NeverShoutNever, Hellogoodbye, and The Ready Set?... Y-Y'know? XD

i jzt add evrytng 2 my plylyztz

11. Converse, Osireses, or those like... Ugly ass checkered slip ons? PLEASE not the ugly ass checkered slip ons- O_O Lookin like shoes by Microsoft with their lack of shoelaces >_>

converze 4 zure

12. OK no1 got the "Do you break bones" reference b4 (AMY CAN FLYYY, U UNCULTURED SWINES-) so FINE- FIIIIINE I'll do something FUCKING EVERY1 KNOWS- >:[... *SIGH* Finish the sentence: "Fer sure maybe, fer sure not _____"

fer zure eh, fer zure bomb!!!!!!!

13. What's ur medium? I mean- ATTUTIDE- R u the "RAAAWR X3 Do u liek tacoz? O.o Andy Sixxx is SOOO handsome >w<" scene kid or the "Sweet as sugar... Hard as ice... Hurt me once... *Lays against hot pink couch with glitter dripping from your mouth as u pull ur Hello Kitty doll closer 2 u and pull out a butcher knife with BOTDF lyrics written on it in totally blood and not red sharpie* I'll kill you twice~" O.o

i hav like 100 diff perzonalitiez zo both XD 

14. I made u a cupcake but I eated it, it was just so good... =_=


15. Dinosaurs or diamonds? Or pull a Nickasaur and do BOTH? >:3


16. What's ur favorite music label? O.o (Fearless Records, Fueled by Ramen, Trustkill Records, etc.)

i dont hav a fav zorry ><

17. WHO'S UR FAVORITE SCENE QUEEN O.o And if ur answer dosen't include Lexi Lush or Ambrehhh Is Dead then I'm going 2 eat ur McDonalds breakfast u^u And MickeyD's breakfast is the GUUD breakfast so choose ur words carefully! >:[


18. MOAR MOOSIC QUESTIONS CUZ I LOOOOOVE MOOSIC >:D What's ur favorite music genre? Crunkcore, pop punk, post-hardcore, metalcore, indie-pop, uhhh... Ur mom? XD

ur mom XD (pop-punk or numetal)

19. Do u own any band shirts? O.o If the answers yes then I'm mega jelly =_=

only 1 dat i like ><

20. WOOO WE'VE HIT 20! XD AND I'MMMM GETTING TIRED x_X OK, NEXT QUESTION uwu Do u have a hoodie of an animal or pop culture character or is that not ur type of style? R u more of graphic hoodie kinda scenester >w> Or do u just not have a hoodie, y'know, are you e v i l like that- >_>

both my fav hoodie tho iz a graphic 1 of gir XD

21. Do u wanna make music? Be in a band or make crappy Soundcloud crunkcore? XD


22. Animal print, stripes, or checkered? O.o Y'know, what's ur favorite pattern on ur clothing? XD Or r u a solid colored LOSER >:[ Jk, I loaf u QwQ

i LUV chekrd print on clothz but animal print comez in 2nd

23. HOW DO U TYPE? O.o L33t? Do u spell things incorrectly as slang (e.g "You" to "u", "too" to "2", "Me" to "Meh")? Or r u not illiterate and just type normally? XDD

toootalyyyy type nrmal /zar

24. You've ever taken a picture with the MySpace angle? >w> Idk why that angle is sooooo good O.o There must be a SCIENCE 2 it >_>


25. DID U ENJOY DIS SURVEY? O.o Answer wisely or else, OR ELSE... Idk what I'll do, cri? XD

yez diz zurvey waz amazing thx 4 gracing meh with ur prezence Cozmocorn i bow down 2 u and forfeit all my mortal pozzezzionz

26. I'm assuming u said "yes, this survey was amazing, thank u 4 gracing me with ur presence, Cosmocorn, I bow down 2 u and forfeit all of my mortal possessions" and 2 THAT I say, goooood, goooood~ uwu Anyways, CIAO, CIAO! :D


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