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🦴 Sorry for Being Inactive (UPDATE)

Hi yall!!

Im super sorry about my inactivity, in all honesty I forgot about this account for a hot minute, so here’s some updates in life!!

  • I’ll soon have a PayPal/my own bank account again!

I managed to pass my financial management course with a B, which is MASSIVE for me :3 mainly because I’m awful at school. And my step mom promise to open up my bank account if I got at least a B on the course!!

  • Username Change

Zomb33 -> 8008x

I still go by Zomb, Gutz and corpse!! This is just a new social media handle I’m using that’s easy for people to remember!!

(It was also brought to my attention that the numbers 88 are a nazi dogwhistle and my username can be mistaken as that. I want to clarify I am NOT a nazi, I thought it was the silly boobs joke that you enter into a calculator. And I am thankful to my friend who has told me , I’m gonna stick with it for now because I think it’s funny that my username is BOOBx BAHAHHA)

  • School life n shit

So far school has been going okay, I’ve been trying really hard although I don’t have many people talking to me during the day besides my teachers and people who HAVE to talk to me during class for assignments (cough cough biology because nobody else at my table does their work)

I was given a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies from a person in my 1st period class!!! It fr made my week a whole lot better, even though I can’t eat too much chocolate otherwise I’ll feel sick or throw up.


I now have a discord server for my community / fans to interact with me and other people who enjoy my work!!!



I’ve been developing my style a TON. And have recently been doing my best to gain a platform!!

So here’s some art I’ve made recently!!

that’s all for now!! My pms are always open!!

I just don’t accept random friend requests :3

You’re welcome to follow my blog and interact since I plan on being a bit more active from now on!!

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