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art from this month!

HAII i just feel like showing art. All of these are from this month I think ill do a monthly blog with showing all the art i like from that month
^ This one is a combination of the two things I was hyperfixating on earlier, Sonic and Mad Rat Dead! This was the first full piece of the new year!
^ This one was during the Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour Splatfest, I was on Team Sweet!! (WE WON!!!!)
^ This is a combination of Metal Gear Solid and Touhou!! One of my favorite drawings I've done so far for sure. I spent half of it trying to get the background to look like Touhou's cover art!
^ This one is because I often imagine what Salmon Run would feel like in first person. Definitely a lot more anxiety-inducing than it is already!
^ I drew this when I started playing Psychonauts 2! I was already into Psychonauts for a long time, but I just recently was able to get the actual game and play it!!
^ This one's just because I miss Wander Over Yonder :') Commander Peepers is my favorite <3
^ Aaand here's Raiden from Metal Gear Solid! I barely draw him, so I thought I should do a few doodles before my friend gets back to streaming the rest of the game.

i have a LOTTT more drawings but its all traditional art and i get so nervous showing my paper art even though i love my sketches LOL. Ummm i guess lmk if you want me to post my paper drawings?

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Ch¡m¡ !! <3

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Cool art!!

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