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literally hello

i made this page on a whim today but i thought i’d actually put it to use and write a blog post to say hello <:3 so hello! i’m ren, 20, and got no idea what i’m doing :)

my profile is still a mess rn! i wish i knew more html/css so i could understand how to make my page look nice instead of just the minor tweaks i’ve been making. no i won’t just use someone’s theme i must make things as difficult as possible.

speaking of difficult things i’ve been basically silent on the internet for the past 3 years? long enough that i feel wildly uncomfortable sharing things because who genuinely wants to read whatever thoughts i have? so like. i might not end up using this site at all but i really hope i do because i would love to meet people! i genuinely love talking to people & learning about their interests and such <3 anyway i think this setting is pretty cool and i hope i can get over myself so that i’ll start posting more! maybe even share my art!

ok if you read this thank you! maybe i’ll see you around :)

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