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comatose snow on the ground, i slept all day by mistake. still got to manage to talk to a good friend during his break about mental health, and i was glad to help a smidge. though, the time was up and he had to conceal his emotions - it was upsetting to hear to be frank. mental health should be considered important like physical is in society, however i'm quite doubtful it'll happen anytime soon. he should be allowed to leave when his clinical depression started to act up - but it's not realistic unfortunately. 

in other news, my love still is suffering from that god-awful illness that i came to despise further. he mentioned a nightmare earlier that i would love to scrub from his mind. its the last thing he needs to be exposed to. my poor moonbeam, oh how i would wipe the rain away to grab a cup of coffee with. february 14th shall be our day, i preach. 

i finally got cream cheese french toast. bye. 


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