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I've not done one of these in forever!

👌Name(s)? Helen, Helly or Hellz.

🔐Relationship Status? Married

🌈Orientation(s)? Bisexual

🐉Zodiac Sign? Taurus

💅Do you wear makeup? Not recently 

✨Favourite aesthetic? Oh heck, well that changes more than my socks.

🔮Any advice you would have given 10 y/o you? 
Yes, so much!
TAKE EDUCATION SERIOUSLY, Everything else will come with time and maturity.
Those people you're so desperate to impress, mean nothing to you now.

All those piercings, look really stupid. Take them out.

🍀What's your favourite season? Winter. I'm all about the blankets and cuddles.

🎃Favourite holiday? Halloween & Christmas I like it spooky and I love the sparkle of christmas.

🌁Are you from the city or country? I'm a country girl.

👾Do you believe in aliens? Sure, they're all around us, they've just got great disguises.

⏰what time is it currently for you? 14:10

📞Do you prefer to text or call? texts please never call me, I just stare at my phone til it stops ringing.

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