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Read before friending! ^^'

" This could be the end of everything "

" So why don't we go, somewhere only we know? "


Hallo, Ich heiße Autumn! A few online friends call me BUBZ, but I am fine w/ whatever. I use she/her pronouns. I am 18 years old! ^^

I speak English, but currently learning German! (I hope to also learn and speak Russian, Irish, and Spanish)

Sorry if I don't respond right away! Sometimes my social battery gets drained/I forget to respond back. You can message me anytime tho! Just please understand that I might not respond back right away ^^'

My biggest fixation right now: Nier Automata! :D

Before friending:

1. I'm a massive weeb and talk a lot about anime & manga, especially if I'm fixated on it.

2. I will not tolerate any racism/homophobic/transphobic/sexism/discrimination. If I am friends w/ anyone who's problematic, please message me and tell me. (jokes are fine as long as you can reclaim them)

3. I'm fine w/ younger people friending me (-15), but I am uncomfortable w/ sexual jokes or flirting. This includes comments such as "kissing", "cuddling", etc. The same goes for people who are the same age/older. Unless you know me personally, please do not act like that towards me.

4. Please do not interact if you post NSFW. I am not comfortable w/ seeing that ESPECIALLY if you're a minor.

5. I am not interested in drama. If I come across people posting anything about drama or drama-related, I will unfriend you.

6. I will not tolerate you being rude about my interests or anyone else's. I don't care if you find it weird or annoying, you will be unfriended.

 " I'll be with you soon. "

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