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Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary (1975)

Okay so! This was made for funsies but I figured this would be a great space to just talk about all of the mostly niche horror films I've seen (mainly off of Shudder), so without further ado, let's talk about Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary. [Spoilers ahead.] [Also disclaimer it's been a few months since I've seen this so I might be fuzzy on some details. Starf watched this with me so they can correct any errors lol]

First thing's first, this is supposed to be a vampire movie. I say "supposed" because there's no actual signs of vampirism. The main character, Mary, is one of those classic seductresses that kills all of her lovers but it's never like,,, y’know, via blood drinking?? Her go-to methods are poisoning and stabbing so like???? And there isn't really any other classic vampircal tropes displayed, like being unable to go into the sunlight or being repelled by Christian imagery or anything like that.

Also she never openly states WHY she feels like she has to commit the murders. At first she seems to do it out of fun, then she comes across the only lover she seemed to have genuine chemistry with (who was a woman btw so kudos but also afhhsej hahaha we stan burying our gays /s). When Mary kills her, she appears genuinely heartbroken, as if she wishes she didn't have to so,, I dunno, it might just be me, but I think having motives is usually pretty e p i c.

There's also this older man who is after Mary, and it's implied that he's also a vampire, but like Mary, he also just resorts to mundane methods of murder that are not blooddrinking. (Honestly, if it didn't mention vampires in the description, I doubt anyone would have come to that conclusion).

Mary's true lover that she lets live is this dude named Ben but he's boring as hell and not worth going into. And then the movie ends with a LAME final battle which mainly consists of Mary and the older man (and later Ben) just kinda awkwardly shuffling around each other and making half-hearted knife lunges at each other. Overall uhh 1.5/10, because on top of the plot, the pacing was super slow, dialogue was whatever, and it was just hard to discern what was happening sometimes.

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