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random questions

1. Name? (feel free to skip this one)


2. Any nicknames at all?

Madie, Mads

3. What's your sexuality?

I'm figuring it out. I identified as biromantic asexual but I think that was more how I felt in my current relationship, not necessarily how I feel in general about other relationships. We'll see.

4. What are your pronouns?


5. What's your gender?


6. Are you dating someone at all (platonic, romantic or sexual)?

No, I'm single.

7. Would you ever date someone, whether it'd be platonically, romantically or sexually?

Yeah. I think so. I'm not really wanting to force dating someone though. If it happens, it happens.

8. What music artist or band do you listen to?

Currently addicted to Xavlegb and Destructo Disk

9. What's your favorite song, whether it'd be from said artist/band or not?

I Wish I Was A Riot Grrrl !!

10. Are you an extrovert, ambivert or introvert?

Ambivert, more on the introvert side.

11. Are you an otherkin or fictionkin?

Okay I'm actually curious what this means.

12. Who is your favorite game/anime/book/show character?

Jade West from Victorious, Santana Lopez from Glee, Alex Russo from WOWP, Wednesday from the Addams Family, Maddy Perez from Euphoria

Basicially my favorite characters are powerful women with iconic one-liners.

13. Are you religious?


14. Are you aroace, or do you believe you're on the spectrum?

I think I'm on the spectrum of asexuality based on my sexual interactions with my ex. However, he is the only person I've had sex with so I'm not sure.

15. Favorite game?


16. Favorite anime?

I really haven't watched a whole lot but I do remember being slightly obsessed with Vampire Knight when I was in high school.

17. Favorite book?


18. Favorite show?

Glee, probably. Well, only Seasons 1-4. I don't claim season 5.

19. Do you have many friends or little to no friends?

I have a scattered group of friends. I have friends from work, friends I made through a meet up group, friends I made through music, etc. I don't have a best friend or anything but I have people I can ask to do stuff with which is ten times better than where I was two years ago.

20. Do you have a crush by any chance?

Yeahhhh. She has a girlfriend but ugh she's so adorable but like I'm also okay with just being her friend so, we'll see. Maybe something will come out of it but I'm trying not to expect that.

21. Favorite color?


22. Favorite animal?


23. Does your preference lean towards men or women?

Women. Men are just weird little specimens.

24. Do you have any phobias?

Fear of dying.

25. Do you engage in drama almost all the time?

I do. I don't even deny it anymore, I find it so entertaining lol.

26. Do you still watch kids shows?

I watch old disney shows I liked as a kid like Hannah Montana or WOWP.

27. Do you still play kids games?

Uh.. maybe? I played Disney Dreamlight Valley which was a fun time.

28. Least favorite game?

The M&M Racing Game on the Wii

29. Least favorite show/movie?

The Bratz Movie

30. Least favorite anime?


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