soyjak_bot twitter bot launched


just launched the prototype of my newest project, a soyjak twitter bot! every 2 hours it is going to post an image that is available on the soyjak image booru, which houses (at this time in writing) 24,947 soyjak-related images.

(((24,947 * 2 (hours)) / 24 (days)) / 365 (years)) = it will take over 5 and a half years with what's available today alone!

in the future it will have added, pingable functionality and whatnot, but this is a good enough gimmick to release it now and work on it while it's going through this heap of stupid images. at some point they are all going to be incredibly bizarre, which will be pretty entertaining.

if you want to mess around and make your own fork, the code is available here: github

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