Flash Point: Communism And Capitalism, Two Sides Of The Same Evil Coin?

Flash Point: Communism And Capitalism, Two Sides Of The Same Evil Coin?

By:Joseph L. Campos Jr.

Capitalism is a form of Corporatism. It is when a country is built, and relies upon, big business, supply and demand, and the constant flow of money, and commerce. You supply a commodity that everyone needs, and they work, earn money, then spend it on whatever service that you are providing. It is a never ending cycle of cash exchange, and proper flow…this is what the country (America) is built upon, and this is the financial cycle that powers the country forward.

It is not a perfect system though, no system really is. It does have its flaws. Capitalism can be exploited, and abused by certain greedy, evil, coastal liberal elites primarily. Once they turn Capitalism into a form if Corporatism, it can then morph, and be modified into a type of communism, where you have nothing but rich corporate liberal coastal elites ruling over the middle class, and the poor…and “We The People,” never have a say so in any matters. Think of communist technocrat dictators like Election Rigger, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Weirdo Jack Dorsey and Twitter, Jeff Bezos and Amazon, the late Steve Jobs and Apple, or Elitist Bill Gates and Microsoft. Please reflect on how these buffoons silence, censor, manipulate, and unjustly rule over the masses in modern times.

We are then ran by corporate tycoons, their commodity corporations (examples of these are the pharmaceutical industry, gasoline industry, transportation industry, Hollywood, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Child murder/abortion industry, drugs/weed/narcotic industry, water, electric, oil, banking industries, and so-called news media industries, etc.) They rule over us with their money, assets, and lobbyists, to bribe greedy liberal politicians to target certain groups (like Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox, Christians); or demographics like (White, Latin, or Asian); people within a society that they just do not like, and exploit them with unconstitutional taxes, rules, executive orders, corrupted court rulings, and bogus legislation.

In closing, when used right, Capitalism can be a Blessing, when misused, and abused, it can be a curse on a Christian First World Society overall!

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