/dir to my favorite person 💕

Sooo I don't wanna seem all lovey doveyy but I'm gonna get all lovey dovey. I don't even think any words can describe the amount of love I feel for him. Every single day I think to myself "wow, I think I genuinely found the person that'll make me the happiest" and so far yeah it really seems that way. Never have I been with someone who has cared for me and shown as much love as he has. It makes me so happy all the time. He's the type of person that I can brag about to my friends lol. I'm so happy I get to have the conversations we have everyday, really i'm just so happy about everything because he's with me. My love just goes way beyond words. Sometimes I get so happy that idk what to do, I think "wow is this real, is this really happening?". I really can't believe it sometimes. My friends are all probably so annoyed by me constantly saying how much I love him, but I mean all of it lol. I don't think I've ever felt so strongly about anyone, all these sincere feelings it's all genuine love, and it's so new to me. I love this feeling of happiness I get when I think about him and I wouldn't have it any other way. I appreciate how he cares about me and gives me advice, I love how he always listens to me and actually pays attention to what I say. Jeez it just really means so much to me. There's so much more I want to say but I don't want to make this too long lol. With all my heart I can most definitely say I truly love him and I believe that he most definitely is the one I wanna be with. 

I love you sooooo much Sammy, and thank you for everything.

-Yours truly, Val


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Thankkiessssss 💖🤞

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