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sotd & randomf serveyyyyyyy (about me!)

SOTD !!!!! (¬‿¬)

okay survey timeeeeeeeee

1. Name?


2. Any nicknames?

santa claus

re ur pronouns?

on my page i thikk

5. Whats ur gender?

im a guy

6.  Are you dating anyone (Platonic, romantic, sexual)

no !!!

7. Would you ever date someone, whether it'd be platonically, romantically or sexually?

maybe ...

8. What music artist or band do you listen to?

on my page too (too lazy to rewrite it LOL)

]9. What's your favorite song, whether it'd be from said artist/band or not?pokamen party by renard and a bunchothers

10. Are you an extrovert, ambivert or introvert?


12. Who is your favorite game/anime/book/show character?

ng tankman, CoN climber, shalanrk from hxh (rip), medabee from medarots,  ayoama from mha, yuri from alien 9!!!

(fav videogame?(i deleted the question LOL))

earthbound or splatoon

16. Favorite anime?

medarots maybe

17. Favorite book?


18. Favorite show?

one.... piece????

19. Do you have many friends or little to no friends?

i have a small friend group (im still in introvert idk)

20. Do you have a crush by any chance?


21.  Favorite color?

i have no idea

22. Favorite animal?

red panda

24. Do you have any phobias?


25. Do you engage in drama almost all the time?


26. Do you still watch kids shows?


27. Do you still play kids games?

theyre literally the only good games still

28. Least favorite game? 


29.  Least favorite show/movie?


30. Least favorite anime?

dont mess with me or whatever its called, my dressup dar;ling

i was very unsure while writing this i guess lmaooo

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