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Anxious Caffeine~

this is where i run out of script - which is a recent thing with most of my writing. how are you doing simple human possibly reading this? i would like to recite your life story in a poem full of dandelions on a cold afternoon. just so you know, telephone tug-o-war being described in my ear canals sound best at night. additionally, forgetting to forget is joyful.

back of ears ache similar to chapped lips in the middle of summer, apply your best tooth upon them - and yes that took me several years to come up with. quoted by the doctor in me.. who lacks medical education. 

"a lack of future!" i'm terrified by such concept, and her thoughts still tank my world. being anxious about the future is the only quality i quite hold greatfully, and it drives me insane. 

driving - oh yes, this dreading topic. it soils my nightly mood, and i feel unsteady at the plans i'll be creating this up-coming monday. it creates this moody sigh that releases from my cracked lips. i'm not ready.. nor will i ever be. which is why i exactly need to accomplish it. shove me in the drink. 

as i mentioned earlier, my knee requires one band-aid now. i'm quite relieved about that. 

one cup of joe down, another to go. waiting for the usual caffeine nausea to settle in.. "have ya had enough? are you tough?" well, i hope so. 

ready for the shock of the year? finally changed MCS to Jimmy Eat World, and i rate, "sweetness" a solid 100/10. so are you listening?

my other review in this shall be surrounding the band, Limbeck. introduced by Justin from MCS. i tragically cannot seem to get into them.. its a bummer for sure, so with that, i send my apologizes in a thank you card. 

i ran out of coke zero. bye.

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