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funny little manipulators lolololol

so anyways I kinda decided that I'd be true to myself no matter what, this is so huge rn yayayayayayaya, I can't let myself be manipulated and gaslighted again pshhh. I'm taking a stand, instead of constantly sacrificing myself for the sake of other people. I am going to just do what I wanna do I think yayayayayay. I think it's funny, the people who used to get to my head will now realize that I do not care at all lmao, it's not gonna happen and I dare them to try it again, I will laugh. It's so funny now. 


some people really just piss me off lolol its so funnyy, next time I'll directly tell them to their face.

despite everything I could never bring myself to forever dislike or hate someone lol i'm just not that type of person. no matter what I might say in the moment, hatred just doesn't exist in me. sometimes I'll forgive and forget, other times i'll just forgive and won't forget, or maybe i wont forgive at all, but even so there's no hate involved.

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