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Forget you, or not.

I wrote this one during English class lmao. These always post weird so sorry if it looks weird. This is the edited and mildly less cringe version.

Forget you, or not.

I thought I could forget you.                                                        I thought it was over. (Man that was fast!)                              But my eyes still shot up when they said,                                "oh hey ___!"                                                                                  I still walked over to you,                                                            "what's up ___?"                                                                            You still gave me a sarcastic smile,                                          "the ceiling."                                                                                    I still zeroed in our dumb shit rambling.

"...bossfight!...shitty guns,..."                                                      you stuck out your arm and pretended to shoot.                  You aimed for the wall, you shot me a side glance,               I don't know how that was the first time I noticed it.              Your eyes were brown. A dark earthy color, like mine.        There was something I saw in them, something that made you Seem,so,sososososo


I'm easy to hook,                                                                          flash a smile, show a little interest, pretend you care.            It's really not that hard, I'm that desperate.                              But I think you're cool so I hope you decide to text me when you get bored, lead me on, make me think you care.  It's all the same anyway.    

I guess I couldn't forget you. Sorry about that. I know you'd hate this as much as I do.


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