While on a shift a few minutes ago I had something weird happen. I was making my usual rounds on spawning grounds, when outta nowhere, I felt something clinging onto my leg!! I tried to ignore it for a while, but whatever it was wouldn't come off. Eventually I looked down and saw a little smallfry clinging onto my leg. Now, normally I would have tried to kick or shake it off, but it didn't seem to try and hurt me, in fact, it looked like I was trying to do the opposite? It was kinda weird, but I left it alone, after all it wasn't hurting me, so why not leave it there? After a little bit, it let go and seemed to wander off somewhere else.

On another note, my back is now really itchy, it feels like something is inside my uniform..

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Oh noes that can't be good

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The itchiness hasn't stopped since that shift either! It won't stop!! :(

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Maybe get that checked out

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