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When was the last time you wore a full face of makeup?
Halloween 2005

Do you own an iPad?

Who was the last non-relative woman you spoke to in person?
Either Harvinder or Chrissy (work teammates)

What’s the most hours you’ve worked in a week?

Do you believe in karma?

What temperature is your thermostat currently set to?

What’s a topic you’ve drastically changed your opinion on?
Oh, man. (Just gonna leave this answer)

Are you a kind, thoughtful person?
I used to be, but that shit takes a lot of energy that I just don’t have these days

Do you know anyone who has a PhD?

Who were you dating in July 2010? Or were you single?

How do you feel when you’re the center of attention?
Generally nervous, but depending on why, I might be able to fake my way through 

Would you rather be a nurse or a mechanical engineer?
I’d love to have the nurse training, but I don’t think I could “be” a nurse successfully. I know nothing about engineering. Are there non-practicing nurses?

Do you like Starbucks chai lattes, or do you think they’re too sweet?
How are those the only options? Anyway, never had one. 

Are you and your SO facebook official?

Do you know how to set a formal table setting for a 3+ course dinner?

Are you in a good mood today?

Do you know anyone who works as a lawyer?
We haven’t spoken in like 10-15 years, but I’m still fb friends with a few people who are

Which would bother you more: being told you’re not likable or being told you’re not sensible?
Not likable. I got a comment on my last review that someone said I was mean and they didn’t like working with me. It bothered me for weeks. 

Do you have a difficult time relating to other’s emotions?

How many bedrooms does your house have?
Three, but only one is used as such

What was the last electronic item you bought?

Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?
Not that I remember 

When you were 15, what did you want to grow up to be?
Video game person

Did you ever achieve that?

Have you ever had a dream in which you died?

I woke up, but the explosion happened right in front of me

Have you bought a bag of potato chips in the past week?

Does the thought of having wrinkles when you’re older upset you?

How often do you buy a new phone?
Usually when I can no longer charge it, which has generally been 3-7 years. 

Would you rather live in an apartment in the city, or a cabin in the woods?
I like modern amenities too much to live in the woods. Plus all those mosquitoes? No thank you. City apartment, please

Do you use Snapchat?

Have you ever driven or ridden on a motorcycle?

Do you know anyone who’s struggling with addiction?
Not currently, but definitely in the past

Are any other members of your household home right now?
I’m not home to verify

What was your first job? And how long did you work there?
Don’t give out answers to security questions. It was a summer job. 

What was your favorite school subject when you were in middle school?

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Harvinder? What an interesting name!

only 48? I am soooo jealous! :)

re: kind/thoughtful person: #thefeels

re: PhD: kewl! do you know what their PhD is in?

re: "are there non-practicing nurses?": wellll, there's retired nurses ^_^

re: "video game person": do you mean like a player? a designer? a character? or something else?

re: "Don’t give out answers to security questions." - excellent!

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My wife and some of her friends have a PhD in neuroscience. One old roommate has a PhD in some sort of physics and another has a PhD in some sort of geology.

As for the video game job, I just wanted to basically get paid to play games, but that’s as far as I got. The couple of people I spoke to in my little cow-town only knew about programming, and I didn’t want to do that.

by DeryckEleven; ; Report

very cool!

ah, bummer

by WiZΔRD; ; Report


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Gonna steal this! Thanks for posting.

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by DeryckEleven; ; Report