Stamp On It - The 1st Mini Album - GOT the beat - review and rating!

Stamp On It - The 1st Mini Album - GOT the beat

1. Stamp on it - title track - 6/10 fun and catchy but other than that it's kinda empty and too muchΒ 

2. Goddess Level - 7/10 a promising start but kinda falls with a weird ass circus vibe in the chorus that kills the powerful sound of the start and pre chorus get lost in too much going on

3. Alter Ego - 8/10 a really good song that feels like it should have been the title track but fell to b-side catgory it's fun and has a pretty good vibe the lyrics kinda put it down but the post chorus makes up for it more of this please

4. Rose- 9/10 such a fun and trippy vibe from this one without any weird rap parts to bring it down the best on the album imo we needed more of this vibe in the mini albumΒ 

5. Outlaw - 3/10 while karina gets some fun rap parts this song sounds like a diss track from 2012 kind of outdated here feels too girlbossy and in a weird way with the worst chorus on the whole mini album

6. Mala - 2/10 it's uhhh a song! that is real! you know for a song named spice there is none of it here a mixup of weird lyrics and melodis that gave me a headache! please SMent give this song to NCT it would fit them much more! the worst song on the mini album

final thoughts - the album needed less girlbossy lyrics and more fluff with less headpounding boy group songs and actucal songs that fit the amazing vocals here wasted potential with b-sides that are somehow better then the title some filler tracks but highlights as well.

final rating 7/10 for the mini album

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