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Mentally struggling

I have been struggling for the past few days so bad with my mental health. I've been crying and s*lf h*rming and overall metaphorally dying inside. 

Today was worse because I was pinned on my brother dropping his phone because I apparently walk 'too fast' so he can't keep up. To that I say shit. It wasn't my fault. I told him we were going to walk fast. I always walk fast. He knows I am a fast walker. If he knows that, then it his fault for putting his phone in his pocket without a zip. The worst part is he lied about it to me and told my parents the truth. You can imagine the shock when I found out it was 'my fault'. He was walking slow behind me. 

It's so dumb but it just fuelled my episode even further. I can't handle being criticised, I think it's to do with the autism and I'm super sensitive because of it. 

I'm just struggling. Tomorrow is a reset but today I need to cram for my History prelim tomorrow. I've still got a few pages to memorise and revise. 

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