you guys will seriously believe anything

so apparently raine/koki is a pedo (spoiler alert: heโ€™s not.)

those msgs he was sending were to adults. not children. he was the child in this situation. heโ€™s not 25 and i have proof. raine sent me a censored version of his birth certificate (he asked me not to share cus nathan and weez already threatened to doxx him)

he was sent into that group chat and then got harassed and called slurs.ย 

nathan and weez also attacked me an called me slurs on my alt.

you can believe me or you donโ€™t have to idc. but yโ€™all are so quick to believe things itโ€™s crazy.ย 

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Every time i log on, I see a new person accused of being a creep

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VILE. I'm going go hope the best for koki. <33

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tbh I knew the whole thing was a false story as soon as I read the blogs dedicated to raine smh

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Lmao a blog after this said "proof i was groomed by raine" I feel like grooming can happen no matter what

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nowdays grooming can be anything for these people

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o my, ive been keepin up w this n im disgusted!! tysm for sheddin light on this, i hav them both blocked! i hope raine is feelin ok :(

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what the fuck is even wrong with people?????

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@ . . Maki ?! โ†ป๏ธŽ ๐Ÿ’ โŠน

@ . . Maki ?! โ†ป๏ธŽ ๐Ÿ’ โŠน's profile picture

im fully comfortable send select few people the image but due to them threatening to doxx me id prefer for some people to have proof of their own that they will not sacrifice my identity to them.

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i believe you.

if raine sent you full proof of his age, then people should believe you.

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