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no more heroes

my friend gifted the game a while back and i finally got around to playing it. it's been under my radar for as long as i can remember... and i got pretty far! i only have one issue though- my game keeps crashing after defeating the 4th ranked assassin, harvey. -_-

i'd be complaining about it more if the battle were a pain in the ass. i think i'll give it another go in a minute! i'll seriously explode if it crashes again x

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Does it crash when you finish the fight and get to the ranking screen? It does that with me when I try and skip the ranking leaderboard. I learned that if you just let the animation play out then it'll be fine (even though it takes a while to finish playing, especially in later levels)

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yes it was exactly that!!! i usually got impatient so i smashed the x button lol... after my 3rd time going against harvey i decided i should prooobably let the leaderboard do its thing. i haven't tried skipping it since, i'd rather not have my game crash and do everything all over again. <3

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yeah lol thats what happened to me

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