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>>it was rainy and windy and there was a wind storm mixed with rain, my mom was outside and practically soaking in it as it hit her and i tried to get her inside- but then so my grandpa died and he used to stop possessions and so we were going through his stuff and i accidentally dropped the box of herbs that he captured the ghosts with, letting them out bc you either had to capture or burn it and my brother started freaking out. he was like "oh god we're going to hell" and so after a bit later we realized that we had to get home in any way we could and left the graveyard and got into a bus, starting the car and seeing that it followed the road like a. a botw horse. or smth. and we went somewhere, back into the bus and it was beginning to rain. THEN there was this crazy crash wooshing sound that was following us- like a hurricane, flood, tsunami or smth and the bus went off track, going to the top of the hill we were going up and being unable to stop flinging into the air while i had tried to get up to the front and my last thought in that dream was "I'm going to die"

>> people being able to get technological versions of themselves before my version ends up becoming aware and wants me to help them get out. I can't. They decide to start a war and I have to kill them.
Over the next few months I miss them since I viewed them as a friend and when they revamp the old tech and I'm able to get their file back this friend of mine is changed forever after being reset and I'm never getting them back

>>**I had a dream that spanned over a few years where there was this huge pink house that looked like it had dozens of stories in the middle of a no-where desert town. The only thing there save for that bright house was a boarded up post office with a letter inside of a letter box outside. This letter, at least in the first dream, asked me to enter the house.
When I entered the door it was an area that went straight to a huge elevator. It was long, large and had a lot of cranks and gears. You could start it, going up before it stopped in a little kids room. It was bright pink inside and had a lot of toys- a bed and a door that went straight into an unfinished attic full of pink fiber glass.**

When I went downstairs there was always a woman with long black hair, her presence was always comforting in the nothing town due to the fact that other than me she was the only one there. Other than us it was completely isolated.
Despite this she never looked at me, speaking as though she had a sweet smile on her lips at all times however.
"Don't go into the attic" she said the first time I went down. "come to me."
But I instead ran back into the room. It felt weird- not being able to see her- and I didn't like it. I continued playing- jumping into the now not working and not going down elevator where i messed with the ropes and gears inside- and finally jumped into the attic. It was a long drop actually- it was as though the kid's room was on top of a suburban clean house and there was a hole that led to the suburban house's separate attic. I played in what tasted and felt like cotton candy clouds before- as the fiber glass cotton candy clouds let me jump high like a trampoline- was able to get back into the room. I walked around and finally went downstairs. The woman was there still. She asked if I went into the attic, I lied, and she told me to come downstairs to see her. I did as she asked this time and saw her face. She had soft light brown eyes and a friendly smile. Since I was all alone I got closer to her before she grabbed me and swallowed me whole.
I had the dream again a year or two later, everything happened the same until I decided I was bored and went down to see her again. This time there was a man with her, and despite not getting close enough for her to grab me the man did- his arms long and thin- and i was shoved into her mouth.

I had the dream a final time in around 6th grade.
I was there at the house again, a few friends of mine were there with me and I warned them to not go into the house but they (3 people) all went inside. I didn't go until my closest friend there went.
I only viewed 2 of the 3 people there as friends but I immediately went inside after the closer of the 3 and had to climb up to reach them. At that point the woman had left her chair- along with the man- and were chasing everyone. I found my friend and grabbed her- the both of us climbing down and escaping to leave the other two trapped before I woke up.

>>I was in a house when this group of people came in and decided to stay over- I realized quickly in the dream that they were there for our organs and when night came I got me and my brother to hide as the girl with short black spiky hair walked around the house until morning. When I tried to leave and run towards another place another one of the organ dudes were there. He wanted my eyes but then I woke up.

>> There was a little girl who loved rasperry jam and so this woman gave the little girl a huge raspberry so she could make her own- but it was so big that she couldnt use all of it and it began to rot. She put it in the ground and since it rotted to a blackish color black berries sprouted from where she planted it and then she made black berry jam.

>>I was being stalked by this one person for months- i got pictures but no one really wanted to help me. And one day I go by this place just for a breather and to hang out when I notice that out of the 4 people that are usually on stage- there are only 2
One person is just talking to another person so I just decide to compliment the one who nobody is talking to's makeup
They smile like really widly at the sight of them talking to me
Say "thank you.." and then as I turn around they ask to shake my hand
And so I do that and they bite me.
Some of the makeup had wiped off (it was cheap and oily) and it revealed them as a zombie
I ran and hid but eventually I started to decompose
(Zombies in my dreams are always full conscious and aware of everything)
But I try hiding it
Until one day that person who bit me showed up again and I told them to leave me alone and became scared
They pushed me in the water that was nearby where I was sitting and laughed as the water filled the holes beginning to form in my body and it takes a while for me to manage to get out
But the next day I notice that. Someone I know also got bit
And by the bite marks it is obvious that it was bc of the same person.
We kinda find that... a lot of people had been bit by that person before. And that a lot of people have found ways to cover it up
Although we do try everything to fix it and... eventually... we created something to reverse the decomposition and start the heart and circulatory system back up
And be alive
And so we spread it to everyone we can but... it doesn't always work
Sometimes it just makes people appear more human
"Well... I have less skin on my cheeks now- I've been noticing." He felt his cheeks- they had more of a rough texture.
"Huh. That didn't happen for any of the rest of us.." another kid said
"Yeah... isn't that kind of... a sign of rotting? Cheeks rot quickly right?"
The guy stood there. He seemed not suprised by that development but also... really sad. Like really fucking sad.
(A bit later in the dream after we talk about the person who did it probably just being jealous bc everyone else gets to live but they couldn't)
"... oh my god I just noticed what felt weird..."
"Dude. Feel your heart. Its- it's moving again. Can- can yours?"
I put my hand to thst other guys chest but.. I can't hear anything.
"I uh... guess it just didn't work for me"
Some dialog from my dream
But eventually that person notices me being alive and bites me again and I turn purple again
But I do take the medicine again
And I woke up while I was planning how to stop them in my dream

>>I was alone at the house, the lights were on outside- and everything felt really off. I felt like SOMETHING was watching me and i turned to find the door ajar (people keep leaving the doors open at home like. in actuality and it keeps making me freak out). I shut and locked the back door, went to each window- checked them all- went room to room... turned off a lot of those lights- went into the main room and tried to shut and lock the door. The front door was in the middle of a room with the only bar from the outside was literal bars. Like prison bars. And I felt so unsafe trying to lock and shut it since I felt like something- not someone- could slip in through the cracks and kill me. I tried to shut and lock the door but when I did so the top lock fell off and it moved to be more ajar. At this I was on the verge of screaming and kept trying to shut the door- the sun began to go down- as i also tried to reattach the lock. I eventually got it to slightly hook to the door but it wasn't working anymore so I had to ONLY go for locking the bottom lock. This made me anxious but i quickly moved into the door that led to the room disconnected from that front one- locking that one too.
I then moved over to the side and realized that the basement wasn't locked and the garage door was open. I went over to the basement, shutting and locking the door since if something was inside it would stay there forever so I'd have it under control and it wouldn't hurt me. I then moved over to the garage- seeing people going back inside their homes which made me hurry up since that was the only thing that made me feel safe (the people) and quickly shut and locked the garage outer door and the door that leads to the garage. Sitting in the living room until my family comes home and began to undo all the locking

>>I was in this odd world and I ended up hitting my head on something, cracking it open, and ended up with some kind of ability to see things from like. The ghost relm. I ended up finding people who had the same thing happen to them and hung out with them from a point of understanding but eventually the pain of it all became too much. So, not wanting to deal with all the agony that came with it I ended up trying to heal whatever happened to me and became excluded from the group. In a connected dream that takes place in the future the area with the little lakeside food place that seemed to be on the verge of shutting down is torn down and I find out that the park is a memorial for the children in fnaf- a dome over the park area now. In the connected dream we go there for school trips.

>> There was this world and someone ended up becoming a kind of sole monarchy in this area that prior to that had connected areas with different monarchies. In the dream me and another person drove area to area and freed them from weird kind of bubble houses. Some were trapped in bottles, kept in a sleep or tricked so that we had to fight them until they realized what was actually going on. One of the bottled ones drove with me and the person I was going with back to the main town as the last one we had to set free

>> me and my family went somewhere on a trip and my mom decided that it would be best to play a kind of ghost game. I was scared the entire time and hated it- my mom thought that everyone loved it though and made us play every time we hung out with family. I had watched this Christmas special movie and walked in on my mom trying to fix something, the ghost appearing behind her and us having to act with how the rules of the game discerned to live. I ran out when she disappeared to tell my dad but my dad reminded me that I was probably hallucinating from paranoia and that none of that was real- and that my mom was asleep in their room.

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THESE WERE SOME OF MY DREAMS!! I dream nightly so I have a LOOOT more but these are just a few :]

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