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ย taken from games, videos, etc !

You can tell from the glass on the floor
And the strings that're breaking
And I keep on breaking more

It's not the wayย I'm meant to be
It's just the way the operation made me

There I go again
Pretending to be you

Is there something you should say
That I don't want to know?

Why is it so hard to speak
to people I don't know
Is it something that you learn
when constantly alone?

When did I become a man
trapped inside a ghost?
If you could only see me now
I know I'd disappoint somehow

He knew what he was being told
was true, he just couldn't bring
himself to the reality. The reality
of knowing all of what he did was
for completely nothing.

And I don't want your pity
I just want somebody near me
Guess I'm a coward
I just want to feel alright

There's no one I'd rather go down with
Than myself from another plane of ะตxistence
I was nevะตr a fan of dying but I'm really not lying
when I say that I don't mind doin' it with you

I promise I honestly wanna prove improvement's possible
I swear, I'm so fucking sorry
I'm not a good person, I'm barely a person at all

A world without you is one I wouldn't want to live in

I long for that feeling to not feel at all

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YES YES IT IS!!!!!!!!

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