An introductory survey of sorts!

I have finally decided to post after contemplating to do so many times, so here is an old survey that I found over on the old :) A sort of get to know me type thing! 

1. Name: gAbRiElLa

2. Screename: tHeFuTuReFrEaKsMeOuT

3. Location: At home in Oregon :)

4. Birthdate: 03/04/2005

5. School: Nunya buisness

6. Height: 5'3

7. Eye color: Blue/green/grey/whatever

8. Hair Color: Dark brown with blonde racoon tails !

9. Shoe Size: 8

10. Hobbies: arts and crafts, reading, writing/making lists, watching videos/listening to music

11. Favorite Books: Of all time? Probably The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton :D

12. Favorite bubble gum: Polar Ice Extra Gum is da bomb

13. Favorite candy: Currently, it would have to be wint-o-green Lifesavers

14. Favorite car: I don't really like cars but I think Subarus are cool xD

15. Favorite Cartoon: ginger! Hmmm... I dunno which is odd considering how much I love the characters n little guys.

16. Favorite clothing to wear to school: My low risers ;D

17. Favorite color: Baby blue, black, grey, and hot pink

18. Favorite computer font: CREEPSTER

19. Favorite Conversation Topic: Hahaha... I do not know! But the person who previously did this said "i would so DO...." which I think is SOOO hillarious !

22. Favorite Guy's Names: Probably some soft and naturey, effeminate names like River or Jade and also Max!

23. Favorite Girl's Names: Elegant sounding older names like Charlotte, Frances and Eleanor.

24. Favorite Holiday: I think that it would have to  be New Years Eve for me.

25. Favorite Inside Joke: Oop I do not have any...

26. Favorite Magazine: I want old AP (alternative press) magazine but I currently do not have any.

27. Favorite Movie: Ghost World :P

28. Favorite Music Group: Motion City Soundtrack (or anything that Justin Courtney Pierre has done <3) I am also digging The 1975 and Muse as of late

30. Favorite Piece of Jewelry: Does the tattoo choker I wear everyday count as jewelery? If not, the ring that I got from my Grandmother.

31. Favorite Place to Eat: A local vegan restaurant that I will not name.

32. Favorite Quote #1: ~*~"I want to thank you for being apart of my forget-me-nots and marigolds and other things that don't get old, is it legal to do this? I surely don't know"~*~

33. Favorite Quote #2: I don't know, basically just the entirety of Motion City's very early lyrics (1999-2008)

34. Favorite Season: Latley I have been romanticizing the winter, if only it would snow! :(

35. Favorite Shampoo: Trader Joe's brand.

36. Favorite smiley face: :3

37. Favorite Pop: I dislike soda.

38. Favorite Song(s): Currently, it is the "King Of Wishful Thinking" cover by New Found Glory!

39. Favorite Sport: I don't really like sports... 

40. Favorite Store: Thrift stores, or free boxes haha...

41. Favorite Activity: Making lists whilst listening to music

42. Favorite Toothpaste: Dr. Bronners :P Anise flavour

43. Favorite Winter Activity: Walking aha

44. Favorite Word: ~*~"EcCeNtRIc"~*~

45. Favorite Vacation Spot: Canada!

46. Best friend offline: Nobody really... Maybe Bre? I do not think that the feeling is mutual though...

47. Best friend online: I haven't, the internet quite literally scares me

48. Absolute best quality in a friend: Loyal, non judgemental what-so-ever and trustworthy!

49. Absolute Crush: AmazingPhil circa 2008 or Justin Pierre of Motion City (nobody at school right now lolz)

50. Absolute Only person who knows everything about you: Bre maybe...

51. Best Advice Ever given to you: I don't know

52. Biggest turn on in the opposite sex: Oh gosh, I feel like this is sort of embarrassing but WHATEVER THIS IS WHAT I LIKE/FIND ATTRACTIVE: sort of long and dark hair, nice hands hahaha, glasses, a bit pudgy and SIDEBURNS LOL.

53. Dumbest thing you've done: I try not to think this way.

54. Funniest or most desperate thing you did to get the attention of the opposite sex: I don't know, nothing, though, when I was fifteen I did used to go to the skatepark quite late at night and talk to older guys.

55. Fondest Memory of You And your friends: ...

56. Most Perverted Person you know: Humans in general.

57. Silliest thing you've said: Everything that I say comes out wrong.

58. Scariest thing that's ever happened to you: I get frightened a lot. Maybe when I have been in car crashes.

59. Weirdest food you like: Raw tofu.

60. Last book you read by choice:I am currently reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson by JohnGreen and John Levithan.

61. Last thing you ate: Lifesavers :O

62. Last Movie you saw at the theater: I don't know, I have not been to the theatre in ages.

63. Last Phone Number you called: My new job.

64. Last Show you watched on TV: Good Luck Charlie.

65. Last time you showered: One hour ago.

66. Last time you kissed someone: I have never kissed another human being >_< (besides family when I was younger)

67. Last time you thought about someone you love: Well, just now! I thought about my doggo.

69. Last words you said: "Goodnight."

70. Things you like in the opposite sex: I already answered a question just like this.

71. Things you hate in the opposite sex: Their immaturity, especially high school boys.

72. Thing you actually want to be doing right now: Writing but I am a master procrastionator so I am doing this instead.

73. Thing you get picked on the most about: My height and weight, shut up if you do this.

74. Thing you most regret: I try not to regret things.

75. Thing you say way too much: "Thank you sooo much!" or "I'm sorry."

76. One thing you wish you could tell the whole world: I don't have anything to say to the whole world, I think I need advice instead...

77. One thing you hope to do before you die: I'd like to travel.

78. Most romantic thing a person ever said or done to you: NOTHING!

79. Boyfriend? Girlfriend?: I have been single for my entire life.

80. Color socks you're wearing: Invisible :O (Not wearing any)

81. The Scenario: ??? Right now I'm just sitting on my bed and doing this survey and listening to music.

82. Number of pairs of shoes you own: Quite a lot actually, probably eight pairs.

83. One Place you want to go to: Minnesota when it's snowy :D

84. Person you got this from: Some random girl on livejournal who is probably 35 now.

85. Size of your bed: Twin.

86. Time and Date: January 12th, 2023 at 10:40p.m.

87. What did you do or what are your plans for today?:Today I went to school then went home.

88. Favorite Person to be with: I don't know? My dog? Strangers?

89. Where is your computer: On my bed

90. You kiss someone and they're chewing gum...what kind:WHAT? Hopefully Polar Ice but that is kind of nasty.

91. Your Personality Type: Quiet, shy and reserved absolute WEIRDO.

92. Your Theme Song: Circuits and Wires or Indoor Living by Motion City, perhaps? Maybe You Might Have Noticed by The Academy Is... or SLAWKOBNWS by Midtown, or You Don't Know me by Ben Folds... MAN I DON'T KNOW , I am thinking far too hard about this question.

Have you ever...

01. Fallen for your best friend? I think that I may have had liked my best friend in kindergarten.

02. Made out with JUST a friend? No

03. Been rejected? Yes.

04. Been in love? No, not yet.

05. Been in lust? Maybe?

06. Used someone? No

07. Been used? Probably.

08. Cheated on someone? No.

09. Been cheated on? No.

10. Been kissed? No :P Unless you count a quick peck on the cheek in seventh grade that only I seem to remember.

11. Done something you regret? Yes, but I try to forget it.

Who was the last person...

12. You touched? I hugged my mother?

13. You talked to? My sister.

14. You hugged? My mother.

15. You instant messaged? WOAHHH THROWBACK... My dad!

16. You kissed? Nobody.

17. You had sex with? I am a virgin :D

18. You yelled at? My sister.

19. You laughed with? My sister.

20. You had a crush on? Some curly haired boy at my school that I never even talked too but I found him cute.

21. Who broke your heart? Nobody!

22. Color your hair? Many times!

23. Have tattoos? Nope...

24. Piercings? Yes: 7 ear piercings, 1 nose piercings and 1 other.

25. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? Nah.

26. Floss daily? Yesh.

27. Own a webcam? Yes, it is IN the computer, wowza 2003!

28. Ever get off the damn computer? I try to.

29. Sprechen sie deutsche? Nien.

30. Habla espanol? No.


Have you/do you/do you have...

40. Considered a life of crime? NO.

41. Considered being a hooker? NO.

42. Considered being a pimp? NO.

43. Are you psycho? NO 2003!

44. Split personalities? NO.

45. Schizophrenic? NO.

46. Obsessive? Yes, actually.

47. Obsessive compulsive? Yup...

48. Panic? Yes.

49. Anxiety? Yes.

50. Depressed? Occasionally, but I take supplements to help.

51. Suicidal? No.

52. Obsessed with hate? No, most definetley not, peace and love everyone yeahhh!

53. Dream of mutilated bodies, blood, death, and gore? I have tremendously bad nightmares so unfortunately, yes. I mean not that bad, but scary stuff.

54. Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? NO!

55. what appened to this one alicia? Yeah what happened to this one random livejournal user from over 20 years ago?

56. What would you be doing? ??? Nothing probably, procrastinating.

57.What are you listening to? LADYS LOVE COOL JAMES (LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out)

59. Can you do anything freakish with your body? No.

60. Chicken or fish? I am vegan/plant-based whichever the non-negativley connotated one it, whatever I do not car if you eat meat, do what you want!

61. Do you have a favorite animal? ~*~ALL AMNIMALS!!!~*~

Current Clothes: Pj shirt and underwear lawls

Current Mood: Neutral and tired-ish.

Current Hair: Wet and drying out.

Current Annoyance: Answering questions, honest.

Current Book: As I said, Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and david levithan.

Current DVD In Player: I take them out when I am done so currently there is nothing in there.

Current Refreshment: Water.

Current Crush: I SAID 2008 AMAZING PHIL

Current Favorite Celebrity: I do not know. How famous does one have to be to be considered a celebrity?

Food: ? les pates (pasta)

Shoes: My favorites? Probably my boots with the knitted yarn at the top :) but they are currently at my dad's house unfortunatley :(

Candy: AGAIN PROBABLY LIFESAVERS, buuut I do like the toxic poison that is Sour Patch Kids aswell :)

TV Show: Good Luck Charlie, maybe? I don't watch television hardly ever.

Attractive: I like to think that I might be haha.

Bored Easily: No, I don't really think of boredom as a thing.

Thirsty: Yes... for water.

Responsible: I'd like to think that I am

On Friends...

Best Friend(s): I have friends, but none of them are very close. FOR SERIOUS!

Friend(s) you go to for advice? All of them, I am v open w/ friends.

Friend(s) you have the most fun with? Bre, probably, like when we go in her car and blast music.

Friend(s) you've dreamt about? Nope.

Long or short hair? I DON'T CARE!

Dark or blondE hair? I DO NOT CAR!

Tall or short? Most of my friends are quite tall

Dark or light eyes? Most of my friends have brown eyes.

Pierced or no? I do not care, but most of them don't have any piercings.

On preferences...

Chocolate milk or hot chocolate? Vegan hot chocolate :)

Sweet or sour? Sweet, I have a major sugar addiction

Root Beer or Dr. Pepper? I strongly dislike soda but I would have to go with root beer, like the uncarbonated kind.

Sappy/action/comedy/horror? None! AWKWARD 90'S CINEMA!

Cats or dogs? Both.

Ocean or Pool? Ocean, I find pools much more gross.

Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? I don't like Doritos but back when I was not veg I would have chose Cool Ranch

Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring? /all/

Vanilla or Chocolate? Vanilla.

Cereal or toast? Cereal!

Gloves or mittens? Gloves, but I don't dig them that much because ~*~ SeNsOrY iSsUeS~*~

Eyes open or closed when kissing? Never kissed aha...

Fly or breathe under water? Breathe under water

Bunk-bed or waterbed? Waterbed!

Chewing gum or hard candy? Both!


Start time: 9:46p.m.

End time: 11:18p.m. GEEEEEZZZ


Current Mood: GOODNIGHT

Current Music: glassjaw. Hey me too original! Ape Dos Mil by Glassjaw!

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