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music tag thingy :3

i found a list of music tag questions so imma only do like 20 but i thought this would be fun! 

1. Who is your all-time favorite artist?

definitley avril lavigne fs!!! her music is so important to me i have such a connection with her lyrics i think shes so talented !!

2. Who is your favorite band?

hmmm i like a lot of bands! i think right now id prob say never shout never, ive gotten super into their music i wish i wouldve sooner tbh. i also love the millionaires (r they a band idek?) brokencyde, forever the sickest kids, breathe carolina, hey monday, a lot more too they r all on my page here ^w^

3. What is your all-time favorite song?

probably everybody hurts by avril lavigne, that song is so beautiful and so underated (she has soo many underrated songs and they are all so good) i honestly think i want a tattoo of the lyrics from this song when im older because they are just so meaningful

4. What is your favorite musical genre?

LOLLL obviously 2000s emo and pop punk !! also i love crunkcore, a bit of post hardcore, and i love like 2009-2012 pop that would play in clubs n stuff. 

5. Are there any genres you don’t like?

i dont like country, im sorry i just dont. the most ill ever listen to country is taylor swift. im not a big fan of modern pop music, theres a few artists i like but its not really my thing. 

6. What is your all-time favorite album?

goodbye lullaby by avril lavigne duhhhhh LOLL i also love the yippee ep by never shout never and animal by kesha

7. What is your current favorite album?

ive been loving the weekend:friday by forever the sickest kids!! also the all my friends ep by eatmewhileimhot! (i keep putting ep's for album questions i mean it counts)

8. How do you listen to music? 

spotify, my cds in the car. 

9. Do you have any CDs?

i have wayyy to many to list here so im planning to make a cd collection for my youtube channel :)

10. What is the last CD you bought?

OMG so i found the yippee ep at a used cd store i honestly felt like it was a dream cuz that cd is like hella expensive online cuz its so rare (and i got it for only 20) ive been wanting it on cd for a while now and i thought it was impossible but i was so shocked and im sosososo happy i found it!! im so happy i checked the cds again because i wasnt gonna but my friend went back to the cd section and thats when i found it, ngl i think i screamed.

11. Do you own any vinyl records?

i do!! i have avril ones which are under my skin, the best damn thing, goodbye lullaby, head above water, and love sux. i have riot by paramore, and fearless (tv) by taylor swift! my friend actually got me into collecting vinyls now i love collecting along with collecting cds. 

12. Where do you usually buy your music?

i usually buy physical media, most of them are from amazon, some are from used cd stores and some i was gifted. 

13. Have you ever shopped at record store?

i think so? would fye count?? LOLL ive been in an actual record store before though. 

14. Do you like karaoke? If so what's your favorite song to sing?

YESSS OMGG i love karaoke i cant rlly sing tho so its just for fun LOL. i love going with my friends!! tbh it depends, i always love singing avril but i dont really have a "go to" song because i like to pick something different everytime. me and my friend actually both have karaoke mics!

15. Will you listen to a song if it has screaming in it?

100% especially if its autotuned screaming like brokencyde or dot dot curve but i love like screamo n stuff like that, i definitely like that stuff!

16. What is your favorite song from a movie?

imma be honest here... at the end of the first diary of a wimpy kid movie (ik i have the best movie taste) what do you want from me by forever the sickest kids plays at the credits and that song just makes me wanna run around a mall with my friends LOL

17. Do you have any posters or pictures of a musical artist on your bedroom wall?

yea!! i lost count of how many avril pics r in my room but i also have a millionaires picture and a few taylor swift stickers in my room 

18. Do you have a favorite music video?

hmmm i like complicated by avril bc once again i wanna run around the mall also smile bc i used to watch that mv in 5th grade all the time before i was actually a fan of her OH and the bite me mv!!. probably a music vid ill always think is special is sugar we're goin down by fall out boy bc i was OBSESSEDDDDD with fob when i was in 8th grade and i used to watch that vid so many times. i miss how music vids were in the early 2010s like when they used to be like mini movies, we fr need to bring that back. 

19. Do you pay attention to any music charts?

nope, not at all. in my opinion charts and awards doesnt define how good an artist is. so many artists i listen to have never been on the charts or been nominated for anything and it doesnt make them bad, but no i dont really pay attention to or honestly really get wrapped up in the charts or awards.

20. Do you have any guilty pleasure artists?

i do LOL, i like taylor swift (emo swifties r epic) i think she has good lyrics i think ive always liked her, also i loveee ariana grande, i loved her sm as a kid when she was on nickelodeon and when she started releasing music i would sit at my parents desktop and watch the lyric vids. she was my fav artist my whole 6th grade year, i think her voice would sound really good on a pop punk album after hearing some mashups. also i rlly like 2000s ballads, like the ones you would prob hear in a kohls? those ones hit different when you wanna be dramatic in the backseat of the car when its raining LOLL

k thats all imma do! this was super fun maybe all do another oneee

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