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I really like talking and thinking about songs that I enjoy, so I will probably be doing that a lot on here.. 

WARNING!! My thoughts jump all over the place here and i am too lazy to actually order this coherently so if you're cool with reading my brain spilling out all over the page then go ahead!

About mid-way last year i found this really sick artist called "death's dynamic shroud" i'm like 90% sure that they are vaporwave or at least some sort of sub-sub-genre.


+=내 마음은 떨고 - death's dynamic shroud=+

This song was one of the ones that made me really really latch onto this band, I really like trying to pick out all the samples throughout a song and it's really interesting to hear how the artist mixes everything together into one cohesive experience, thats kinda why I like vaporwave.

Since vaporwave is a super sample-heavy genre it tends to have a ton of interesting methods and sample usage.

Vaporwave from my understanding (i am just a gal on the internet that doesnt do a big ton of research so take this all with many grains) takes a lot of inspiration from 80's/90's mall aesthetics, pop culture, and tech from the time. Sometimes it's used just for "AESTHETIC" but other times it does feel like some sort of satire or criticism on consumerism and/or pop culture in general (probably reading super too deep into it :3). 

Whenever im thinking of a genre and what defines it i always end up thinking about the origins and relations to other genres, now i never really did any research on this but vaporwave and synthwave seem to be fairly related both coming with inspiration from somewhat the same time periods and taking visual/style inspiration from similar places, though im not super sure if one spawned the other or if both evolved from some sort of reflection back on the 80's/90's.

I personally feel what defines it as a genre is the samples of pop music mixed with the specific dreamy VHS documentary intro music, im not so sure what to call those sounds i hope y'all know what the hell im talking about, +=See Me - death's dynamic shroud=+ is interesting to me because it kinda seems to show some evolution of the genre from back when it got popular in the 2010's. 

To me back when I first found out about vaporwave (it was macintosh plus obv) it seemed like the genre was just slowing down old pop music to give it this really dreamy and kinda lost feeling, but as i listened to more and more i started noticing that a lot of songs weren't JUST taking old music and slowing it to a snail's pace, but the artists were actually adding their own touch to the samples, new instruments, remixing of the words, or just regular plain ol sampling and adding it over a melody that sounded straight out of an old vhs documentary your teacher would put on when they wanted the class to be quiet for 30 minutes.

ANYWAY I still have some more to say but this post is getting messy so I'll save that for when I can actually form the whole thing to be understandable :3

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