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Slaughter-Face The Porn Addict

hello space hey users. 

let me inform you on the events occurring in my driving class. 

there is this guy who has been constantly bothering me. let’s call him, slaughter-face. bcause i want to slaughter his face. i have done everything it feels like i could’ve done to make him stop, but he won’t. he’s so obsessed with me and he’s not secretive about it. i have tried trauma dumping him, telling him disturbing things, and even flat out fucking ignoring him, but he is devoted. now you may be saying, quix, this guy doesn’t sound that horrendous, he really sounds like he cares and he really wants you, but if you’re saying that, don’t. he’s not who you think he is. he once opened his phone in front of me just for me to find TRILLIONS of porn tabs open. this guy is repulsing. 

now, keep in mind i am very hard of hearing. you have to basically yell at me for me to even remotely hear you. this guy takes advantage of that. saying inappropriate comments under his breath just so i’ll reply with, “what?!?” just for him to deny saying anything at all. i have heard what he has said to me in the past week or so, and it is GUT WRENCHING. he is clearly a sex addict, but one who has zero respect for anyones well being. 

in a attempt to kill conversation i gave slaughter-face a song to listen to, instead of talking to me. do not laugh, it was insane clown posse. i did this because he seemed like the type of person to absolutely HATE juggalos, but he had very mild feelings on the matter. (NOT what i was hoping for) he pretended it was bad and attempted to crack some jokes, but that’s not what i wanted out of him. then he starts getting all mushy?!??! i write down on a price of paper, “listen to the song ______. i like the part when… exc.” and he goes, “my favorite part about talking to you is getting to see you smile” which i quickly replied with a quick jab to the shin and a “shut the fuck up and listen to the song” to which he says “fine”

then our conversation starts back up on the back of the paper, i lead:

Q: now listen to dead body man.

S-F: and what if i don’t?

Q: i will eat you. raw.

[S-F puts on the song] 

S-F: what is this Bo Burnham ass shit

Q:i do not like him.

S-F: i’m surprised 

Q:i used to enjoy him. it was a small hyper fixation. a infatuation if you will. how do you feel about the other songs? your answer determines wether or not i open you up from your ribs and smear your internal organs on my basement walls.

S-F: ₖᵢₙₖᵧ

Q: very bad reply, the worst ever maybe. your large intestine will be a nice new scarf.

S-F: you know what…. i like icp, i see their punkish and overly- edgy themes. (pls don’t kill me)

Q: it is too late, i will have your abdomen for lunch.


then slaughter-face attempts to take me outside the building in a dark alley. absolutely not. not trying to get r@ped. stay safe users.🫀

Quix, signing out.

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