captain sally and the crew of the s.s. lender

The sisters in order:, 

- Captain Sally Hillenbyerg: older sister, full-time marine biologist, part-time film critic.  Her favorite music includes Brandy and TLC, often seen wearing custom pirate hats. 

Appearance: Blond hair (natural), dark brown, muscular, blue eyes.

 - Talia Hillenbyerg - middle sister, first mate of the ship/astronomer. Serious, but secretly enjoys romance novels in her spare time. Has a framed portrait of Stephen Hillenburg stashed in her cabin - don't tell ANYONE she said that, or she'll keelhaul you! 

Appearance: Red dyed hair, caramel skin, muscular frame, blue eyes.

 - Matilda Hillenbyerg - naval surgeon, youngest sister and second mate. Enjoys analyzing different body parts, and once dislodged shrapnel from a cat's brain. LOVES sea-based horror movies. 

Appearance: Dyed purple hair, caramel skin, slightly muscular frame, heterochromia. 

 - Bridgette Hillenbyerg - third mate/youngest sister, author of Riveting Sea Tales: A Child's Journey. PhD in Animation. 

Appearance: Black hair, peach-colored skin, blue eyes, thin frame.

The current crew, in order: 

- Offscreen the Pirate - lookout/kidnapped teenage boy. Son of very affluent clam farmers. Loves Quentin Tarantino movies. Name is actually ROBERT CLAMDEN.  

 Appearance: Brown hair, skinny, wimpy-looking frame. Glasses.  Not as tan. 

- Martin Torvanté - chief steward, former restaurateur and amateur filmmaker. Very amateur. Films are often used as punishment. 

Appearance: Black hair. Muscular. Eyepatch. Brown skin and tattoo of a parrot on neck. 

- Mo Dawg, pronounced Daugè, - chief cook, ghostwriter for Barnacle Bill's Urchin You To Try These Recipes. Land-phobic asshole. Appearance: Sailor hat, bald, tan skin. 

 - Captain Dahlong Shoreman - chaplain of the ship, ordained rabbi/minister. Often gets nauseous, has to carry around dramamine. Misses watching football.

Appearance: Grey hair. Purple yarmulke. Glasses. Stocky frame. Slight tan. 

 - Billy Bastø II - chief engineer, son of the famed merchant M.F. Bastø. Enjoys Stumptown brand coffee and begs Matilda to make exceptions for his diet. 

Appearance: Apple tattoo on forehead. Coffee colored skin. Medium-sized frame. 

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