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2023.01.11 - "This/That Random", as taken from GlamCat

This or That: Random

1. Printed books or E-Books?

PRINTED. DYK: Digital editions of books can be (and sometimes are) edited? Good luck supporting your papers (or other arguments) with a quote that isn't there anymore!

2. Sunny or Cloudy?

Cloudy - and hold the meatballs.

3. Outspoken or Reserved?

Outspoken amongst the familiar, reserved amongst the unfamiliar.

4. Silver or Gold Jewelry?

Wedding Band: Gold
Other Rings: Silver
Necklace: Silver
Earrings: Gold
Bracelets: Silver

5. Driver or Passenger?

Driver. Sorry, but the road terrifies me - I KNOW I'm watching the road the whole time, but it really freaks me out seeing someone else even look like they're not.

6. Shower or Bath?

I would totally bath-out if I wasn't too fat and too tall for the tub - it'd be like a private indoor swimming pool! (but warmer and without other people's pee)

7. Early Bird or Night Owl?

um....both of these imply sleeping at some point o_o
(I haven't a stable schedule)

8. Optimistic or Pessimistic?

Either a hopeful pessimist or a downcast optimist - life sucks but it can get better ;)

9. Planned or Spontaneous?

PLAN! P - A - L - N PLAN! (thank you, Sgt. Bilko fans)

10. Cook or Order Out?

Order Out - cooking requires cleaning and *shudders* waiting ;)

11. Young at Heart or Old Soul?

I used to think I was just an old soul, but my body has been telling me I'm not as young as I once was, so maybe I was wrong?

12. Spring or Autumn?

Autumn - fewer allergies

13. Too Busy or Too Bored?

I am: Too Busy
I prefer to be: Too Bored (because I can always find something to do)

14. Sweet or Savory?

Savory - I'm a bit sweeted out

15. Organized or Messy?

Messy Organizer (i.e. categorized piles)
(lean toward organized)

16. TV Shows or Movies?

TV Shows (usually greater character development)

17. Saturday or Sunday?


18. Flight or Road Trip?

Solo: Flight
With Others: Road Trip

19. Modern or Vintage?

Aesthetic: Vintage
Tech: Situational

20. Truth or Dare?


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