"order from chaos" ? or... order from mystery?

i dont get on here much anymore, but whatever here i am. 

i'm sure you all missed me. anyways

i just wanna make a lil post about a post my friend made today. it featured this common line i hear kinda often people say. its something like

order from chaos

and its an annoying phrase, that i never really thought about until now, but its pretty dumb if you think of it. order doesnt come FROM chaos, and chaos doesnt come from order. 

so i figured, there must be a middle ground, what is between order and chaos? 

mystery, was my first guess, and i think it checks out. 

from a biblical perspective, mystery is comes up a lot, "the mystery of the faith", marriage is called a great mystery, godliness is said to be a mystery. 

Christ was a mystery, no one knew when he would come, or what he would be like, the jews were expecting him to be a fancy king to come rule over the world. 

Christ is a mystery now, no one except for God knows the day or the hour when Christ will return for his sheep. 

as for chaos, chaos isnt a word in the bible, but order is, and in the book of Job, a place without order is described as a place of darkness, without light. So darkness can be representative of chaos, and light, order. 

old testament sacrifices had to be done in -order-. God gave specific instructions on how to sacrifice, specific order. The law of the OT was a law that put peoples lives in a state of chaos, not only did they need to make blood sacrifices all the time, but some sins got you stoned in the streets, like adultery or breaking the sabbath. God provided order to the chaos by giving an orderly way of atoning for sins. 

and when Jesus Christ was come, he provided a way out of the law, he fulfilled the law by showing us grace and teaching us the faith. the mystery, brought order to the chaos. 

so to say "order from chaos" is incorrect. its a false dichotomy, mystery is the 3rd option and it is the mystery of faith, the mystery of Christ, the mystery of godliness, the mystery of light that brought order to the darkness of the OT law, and the same mystery that brings us out of that bondage and into the faith of Jesus Christ. 

God bless everyone

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Im actually talking about a game reference

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