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this is my first blog, was anyone else that's like scene/emo was so inspired by scene kids in the early 2000's on YouTube and had a random ball of energy at 3-5am and decided to stay up all night and find out where those kids are now because they are just so interesting ANDDD you know you have school in the morning but you didn't really care and woke up late and then you were really really tired at school and then you tell your friends that you stayed up late watching scene kids do hair tutorials in 2005 because you were just soooo inspired AND THEN THE NEXT NIGHT YOU STAY UP LATE LISTENING TO NICKI MINAJ AND LISTENING TO SCENE KID MUSIC THEN TRYING TO LOG INTO !!MYSP4CE!! ACCOUNTS ON THE WAY BACK MACHIENE AND ITS ALMOST 6AM AND YOU'RE ABT TO GO TO XSL33PX BUT YOU SADLY GO TO SLEEP KNOWING YOU WILL GET LIKE 1/2 HRZ OF SLEEP AND YOU GO TO SCHOOL THE NEXT D4Y AND FALL 4SLEEP IN THE CLASS W1TH THE SC4RY T34CH3RRR 1DK WH4T 1M T4LK1NG ABT ANYM0R3 1M LOS1NG MY M1ND!!!!!!......... anywas thaank u for my ted talk. i don't know if this is even a ted talk. what does ted talk mean? i need sleep. you guys should add me on discord>-<!!! okay !BY3BY3!!

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most relatable thing i've seen

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