survey thingy

1.) What's your name? tammy (not saying my real name)

2.) What's your age? (if you don't mind telling me) 16 going to be 17 on jan 21st

3.) Favorite food? i have a lot of favorite foods...

4.) Favorite song? right now my fav song is lets get this over with by tmbg 

5.) Favorite phase you had/have? my 2021 emo phase lol  

6.) Favorite color? PINK!!!!!its literally my color

7.) Best movie to watch at anytime of the year? oooo a lot of movies

8.) Best movie to watch on Halloween? i dont like watching movies on halloween

9.) Monster energy drinks or anything else but monster energy drinks? anything else but monster energy drinks. i dont like energy drinks

10.) What's your style? weird

11.) Favorite animal? bunnies cats opossums dogs dolphins reptiles snakes frogs....i like all animals 

12.) Do you like anime? yeah but i dont watch it a lot

13.) What's your favorite anime? (If you do like anime) nichijou 

14.) LED lights or regular lights? regular

15.) Do you like crystals? no theyre dumb

16.) Coolest trick or just general thing you can do? i can draw and i can talk about my interests all day

17.) Do you play games? yeah

18.) What games do you play? (If you do play games) rhythm games like ddr and rhythm heaven and more. old click and point adventure games 

19.) What do you play on? (Pc, console, phone, ect...) pc , ps2-3-2 , nintendo consoles

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