i was always nonbinary.

it’s so easy to just respect and use they/them pronouns for me. but people just laugh. it makes me so mad, because they don’t know me. they don’t know what i’ve gone through to discover this about myself.

i wish i could put my life through a lease and show it to everyone who doubts my identity. from when i was merely in kindergarten, throwing a fit anytime people called me a girl. i told everyone in my life i was a boy when i was five. from first to third grade i’d get embarrassed any time somebody brought this up. deep down it was because i still knew something was wrong. and when i was in fourth grade, i convinced myself i was a transman. but at the same time, it felt like i was trying to be a man. but when i identified as a woman, it felt like i was trying to be a woman. so when i first learned the word nonbinary, it all made sense. there was no questioning, it just made sense.

i wish i could tell my story to all the people who doubt me. but that’s the thing, i can’t. so to the people who are reading this, just because someone is too masculine or too feminine, doesn’t change their identity. and you don’t know anything about their life or what they’ve gone through. so do everyone a favor, and respect people’s pronouns.

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